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  • Titelblatt
    In Three Parts, Written in the Time of The Late Wars
    Butler, Samuel ; Grey, Zachary
    Cambridge, London, London, London, London, London : Bentham : Innys : Ward : Knapton : Browne : Birt, 1744
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  • Titelblatt
    Exquisitissimorum & rariorum, atque Editionum præstantissimarum, ad Theologiam ... Hi Libri Auctione publicè distrahendi venum exponentur die 11. & seqq. Novembris 1743. in Ædibus Petri Mortier, Bibliopolæ Amstelodamensis ...
    Mortier, Pieter
    Amstelodami, Amstelodami : Schouten : Mortier, 1743
  • Titelblatt
    Containing A complete Collection, and Account, of the most distinguished Artists, who have flourished in the Art of Painting, ... Extracted From the most authentic Writers ... To which are added, Two Catalogues; The One, a Catalogue of the Disciples of the most famous Masters; ... The Other, a Catalogue of those Painters, who imitated the Works of the eminent Masters so exactly, as to have their Copies frequently mistaken for Originals. ...
    Pilkington, Matthew
    London : Cadell, 1770